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"It starts with color, shadow, ray of light, moment, sight, feeling, thing, form, composition, detail, place, touch, beauty."

Yaroslav Klochkov was born in Yaroslavl. He started taking pictures at the age of 10, his first camera was “Smena 8m”. The first works were portraits of family members in nature. Photography followed throughout his life from an early age. Prior to his complete retirement into photography, Yaroslav traveled a lot because of the specifics of his work. For many years he has been engaged in travel photography. Since 2012 he has been living and working in Moscow, where he began his career in fashion, while simultaneously working in street photography. In 2018, the focus of his work turned towards art projects. He began to work more on personal projects reflecting his thoughts, outlook on life and society. In 2019, he created his own photography course based on personal experience and an individual approach. He works a lot with the multi-layered personality, transition periods and states, as well as "transformations" / "changes" that occur in the images of people and in the state of affairs over time. His personal feelings, relationships and visual experience, throughout his life, began to be transferred to the basis of a new series of his works, where we see people and things around others, enclosed in an image and devoid of figurative meaning. In everything, he relies on the subconscious, on the reflex of the search for the invisible that he has developed. Yaroslav believes in the principle that space is born and organized at the moment of looking through the viewfinder. The main thing for him is the moment, thought, state of affairs and feeling, proportions of forms and balance.


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Vogue (Rus)

Garin Hats (Russia)

V magazine (USA)

Crack magazine (UK)

Flacon magazine (Russia)

Flanelle magazine (UK)

Elle Russia

La Boheme brand

Harpers Bazar (Russia)

Mercedes Benz fashion week

DNA model management 



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